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MedTec School

Humanitas University
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6 år
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MedTec School

MedTech School - Humanitas University 

Study a 6-year degree course in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering! The education is entirely taught in English, run by Humanitas University in partnership with Politecnico di Milano.

What is MEDTEC School?

Precision medicine, big data, A.I., nanotechnologies, surgical robots, 3D printing and bio-prosthesis: this degree programme will enable a doctor to treat patients through the management of technological developments in medicine and related sectors, including disease prevention and treatment, patient rehabilitation and the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

The aim of the education

The degree programme aims to train professionals who will be able to apply medical and technological know-how as a means of providing innovative and quality medicine. In a global context of increasing complexity, technological innovation makes it possible to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way, innovating care and humanising the doctor-patient relationship.

The programme strongly focusses on enhancing the medical skills of a doctor through the integration and acquisition of the basic competences and approaches relevant to Biomedical Engineering.

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The Course provides:

  1. A higher level of in-depth study of the basic subjects that are already part of the training of the physician (chemistry, physics, statistics, computer science), typical of the preparation of a biomedical engineer.

  2. A greater attention to the acquisition of the necessary skills to deal with issues related to precision medicine and regenerative medicine.

  3. The integration of pre-clinical and clinical preparation with related teachings (such as mathematical analysis, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanics, etc..) useful to build a solid basic engineering training giving future graduates of the course skills that make them able to address complex issues in the field of applications of technology and information analysis to medicine.

  4. The inclusion in the educational path of methodologies and technologies typical of biomedical engineering in order to facilitate a cross-fertilisation between medical training and basic engineering training.

  5. An innovative approach to doctor-patient interaction that allows to make the most of the potential offered by technologies and intelligent systems for the optimization of machine-patient interaction and for the customization of therapies and continuity of care.


Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Secondary School Diploma or attending the last year of the secondary education
  • If your local school system provides for 11 or 10 years of schooling, the title is valid when integrated with 1 or 2 years of university
  • Passing of the admissions test

Any English certificate is required

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

The integrated six-year training programme will allow you to obtain additional ECTS and be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, in addition to an MD in Medicine.


Contact the school for information about costs and scholarships. 

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Humanitas University

Humanitas University - an international University dedicated to Life Sciences based in Milan, Italy.

Closely integrated with the world class Hospital and Research Centre, Humanitas University’s mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with its clinical and research community.

Humanitas University’s mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with its clinical and research community.

The pillars of Humanitas University’s project are:

  • A 14-year-strong legacy
  • Strict interconnection with Humanitas first rate hospital facilities and cutting edge research
  • International vocation
  • State-of-the-art interactive teaching methods

Italian tradition combined with innovative methods

The courses integrate the prestigious Italian academic tradition with carefully structured innovative teaching methods and professional activities, investing in clinical and scientific research and technologies in order to offer the best education possible.

Today, Humanitas University hosts around 1200 students, of which 150/year in the Medical school, 100/year in the Nursing School and 31/year in the Physiotherapy School. 

Study in Milan with CSN

Humanitas University is listed and recognized by CSN in Sweden. This means you are able to access funding from CSN to cover your costs of studying abroad. 

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Humanitas University

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