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Digital Communication Management

Handelshøyskolen BI
Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim
2 år
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Digital Communication Management

The changing communication landscape with its new social, economic, and technological developments require a varied and strategic breadth of knowledge from those who manage communications and media. This programme addresses these demands by combining insights from organisation and communication studies, research on digital technologies and data, and key issues in business and society research. This foundation will provide you with the competencies and skills to participate in transforming the corporate communication function and roles with the digital future. You will build your degree on solid theories, methodology and cutting-edge research while gaining experience with practical cases to solve current and real-world challenges.

You will be introduced to advanced psychological concepts, both in terms of individual and group processes, and in interaction with technology, and learn how to utilize this knowledge when developing measurable communications strategies. By focusing on digital communication channels and analytical tools, you will gain technological competence that will enable you to become a communicator who understands the digital world, and knows that different dilemmas need different types of communication and approaches. The programme simultaneously focuses on strengthening your creativity and innovation mindset, as well as building your ability to reflect critically and strategically. By studying the communication field holistically and as an interdisciplinary realm, you will be equipped with skills to develop communication propositions that generate business opportunities and media, social and organisational changes.

Handelshøyskolen BI

Handelshøyskolen BI

BI er Norges eneste trippel-akkrediterte handelshøyskole. Et vitnemål fra BI gir deg derfor tyngden du trenger til å jobbe med det du vil.

I dagens arbeidsmarked er det mange om beinet. Arbeidsgiverne vil ha de beste kandidatene fra de beste skolene. Derfor er det viktig å velge en utdannelse som har tyngden du trenger. BI tilbyr:

  • Utdanning som er relevant for dagens arbeidsmarked
  • Svært sterkt fagmiljø med trippel internasjonal akkreditering
  • Anerkjente forelesere
  • Et mangfoldig campusmiljø med fantastiske tilbud og muligheter
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