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PhD Programme in Science

The PhD program in Science offers research education in several disciplines, including physics, geosciences, computer science, chemistry, technology, mathematics, statistics, bio-informatics, molecular- and structural biology.

The candidates will be able to work with research on a high international level after graduation. The program includes components teaching the candidates to consider options regarding the potentail of innovation and commercializing their ideas.

After graduation, the candidates will be well fit to work both in academia and in private businesses. They are able to work independently, acquire new knowledge and complete complex projects. The PhD candidates will also receive training in teaching and presenting scientific projects, both oral and written.


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The PhD-program in Science consists of 180 ECTS, where 30 ECTS is the instruction component and 150 ECTS is the thesis (research project) itself. The trial lecture and public defence are counted as parts of the thesis.

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