Norwegian Language and Society for Foreign Students - one year programme

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Norwegian Language and Society for Foreign Students - one year programme

Do you want to study in beautiful Arctic surroundings in the north of Norway?

The Norwegian language knowledge is an absolute requirement to be able to study in Norway and does not require any prior knowledge of Norwegian. Norwegian Language and Society is perfect if you are qualified and want to continue at one of the Three-Year bachelor's degrees in Engineering or the Two-Year Master's degree programme in Integrated Building Technology. Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology at UiT Narvik. 

(Please note that the lectures under this programme are carried out in Norwegian. You must pass all exams to be eligible to qualify for admission to Norwegian-taught bachelor's and master's programmes of study.)

The study is designed for full-time students and requires dedication and hard work due to a very rapid progression. While continuously focusing on language learning, students are also introduced to Norwegian civilization, history and literature. Working in groups with a project in the second semester, is an important part of the study and gives the students valuable experience with this work method.

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