Mathematical Sciences - master

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Mathematical Sciences - master

The Master's program in Mathematical Sciences introduces you to mathematical research and the opportunity to specialize in various mathematical and statistical topics. You will be an integrated part of our department, working in a friendly environment, with proximity to your lecturers and supervisors. The department has active research groups in:

  • Algebra, polynomial optimization and coding
  • Geometry and mathematical physics
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Complex systems modeling

In this international master's program, all teaching will be in English. The program offers a large selection of exchange possibilities and has both Norwegian and international students. Come and do your master's degree at the top of the world!

The academic contents of the program are geared towards modern issues in mathematics and statistics, and towards the appliance of mathematics and statistics in technology and other natural sciences. The candidates will gain relevant skills within programming, data processing, analytical problem solving and quantitative analysis.

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