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Marine Biotechnology - master

UiT Norges arktiske universitet
2 år
Master, 2 år

Om utdanningen

The Marine Biotechnology program at UiT’s the Norwegian College of Fishery Science aims to educate candidates in the broad field of biotechnology with emphasis on application to marine systems or “Blue Biotechnology”. Students become well prepared for careers in industry and/or research because of our joint focus on innovation and fundamental scientific principles placed between biology and engineering. Students receive one-on-one mentorship and supervision from a professional UiT researcher and typically join an established research group to complete their final project. UiT offers an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of Norway’s enormous portfolio of marine resources. The life in our oceans is diverse and new scientific discovery is possible at all levels. This leads to new innovation, new value chains and the development of new processes that support sustainable development goals. Hence, we teach and support student research across a relatively wide range of topics that include bioprospecting for marine drugs, development of sustainable sea food products and biotechnology for carbon capture and utilization. This is supported by constantly adapting the curriculum to teach modern skills in analytical chemistry, marine microbiology, bioprocess engineering and synthetic biology. In addition to our focus of top-quality instruction, this program also emphasizes good relationships with the local and international industry. We help students and their future employers understand exactly where the advancement of technical knowledge will apply to innovation within both private and public sectors. Tromsø has become the home to many new start-up companies in the blue biotech space with help from this program and the surrounding research culture fostered by UiT.

Objectives, content and organization
The purpose is to educate candidates in modern biotechnological expertise, with particular empasis on use of marine resources, bioactive compounds, gene products and marine rest raw materials. You will qualify for careers in fields such as marine value creation, innovation and research.

A good marine biotechnologist must have a broad base of knowledge and skills in basic molecular biology, chemistry and techniques and processes that use marine micro-organisms, plant and animal cells, or parts of these, to manufacture, develop or modify commercially useful products. On successful completion of the programme, the degree of MSc in Marine Biotechnology is awarded.

In preparation for your study we encourage you to do the following:

iKomp - information literacy: The course is an online course that aims to make you better equipped to deal with the demands and expectations you are met with at universities and colleges when it comes to learning and academic integrity. Check the website: iKomp.

There will be a mandatory introductory part with themes like:

  • How to do science
  • How to be a master student in biotechnology
  • Writing a master theses/what we excpect from a master's thesis
  • Plagiarism / iKomp
  • Searching for literature / Munin
  • EndNote/Using references databases and how to use them in Word
  • Preparation for laboratory work
  • Web page in Canvas for Master students at NCFS

The program contains two parts: The first part is obligatory courses during the first semester and an approved selection of courses of at least 60 credits (ECTS) in total. The second part is a written thesis of a project (Master thesis). The extent of the assignment should correspond to a workload of 60 ECTS.

HMS -0501 (web-module), HMS -0502 (first aid, practical course), HMS -0504 (web-module), the compulsory safety course for laboratory work, must be taken by all students who carry out lab work. The compulsory parts of this multi-module course are taken online. The first aid part requires physical attendance. Students must fulfill the compulsory online modules as soon as the semester starts to have access to the laboratory wings. There are no credits for these courses.


For details regarding required relevant background see Admission requirements (scroll down to the menu).

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