Computer Science - master

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Computer Science - master

Search engines, social media and smart devices have become an integral part of everyday life. We forget about the advanced programming and algorithms allowing you to check restaurant menus in New York on your phone while adding items on your smart fridge's shopping list. We only notice security programs keeping our electronic devices safe from worms and viruses when they ask their annual fee, and most of us are unaware of the complex systems behind the colorful and stylish apps we see on our mobile screens. Computer science and technology surrounds us.

This advanced international master program gives you a practical approach to computer science and you will improve your skills to design, develop and program advanced computer systems.

The program builds on skills in basic programming and database systems acquired through a bachelor’s degree (see admission requirements). It will provide you with a deeper and more detailed understanding on computer systems, software architecture and programming. Your master thesis towards the end of the program will allow you to develop a broader skillset within your chosen area of specialization.

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