Foundations of Systems Engineering

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Foundations of Systems Engineering

Are you, or have you been, employed in the oil, gas, and supplier industry? This is a master level course from our Systems Engineering programme that target engineers who would like to work on the design of complex systems.

What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to design and develop a holistic problem solution considering the entire system lifecycle from ideation through disposal. It begins with eliciting stakeholders’ needs in various domains to generate requirements that determine the system’s functionality and architecture including eventual verification and validation of the final solution. The course provides an overview and a foundation for students and professionals to achieve an understanding of and ability to apply a core subset of concepts, processes, methods, and techniques.

Why take this course

This course presents the systems approach, which is pivotal to the innovative design of systems that fulfil effectively and efficiently identified needs and perceived opportunities. A clear understanding of systems engineering framework and of the global view that characterizes the systems approach is essential, regardless of the position held.

This course helps you to put the complex systems development into perspective.

Target group

This course is aimed at employees or personnel who are laid off or unemployed in the oil-, gas- or supplier industry. In the admission process, the University will need to collect information about the students’ industry affiliation, the latest employer, and labor market status. Kompetanse Norge will have access to the information provided upon registration.

The content of this course is addressed to practitioners who wish to reinforce their education and extract the best from their experience.

The target group for this course is engineers and managers in supplier, service, and operation organizations who want to gain a better understanding of complex systems. Specifically, Systems Engineering aide in the digital and sustainable transformation. 

The knowledge gained through this course can contribute to restructuring and mobility between industries.

Course plan

Download course plan (.pdf).


The course contains a series of 5-7 minute videos with questions, 5 days of on-line sessions, and written homework.

The participants watch the video nuggets on their own time and answer the related question(s). There is a three-week period with on-line dialogue and group work sections (1+2+2 days). The participants shall hand in written homework as their exam. See deadline for hand-in of homework/exam. 

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