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Social Anthropology - Master

Universitetet i Oslo

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Social Anthropology (master's two years)

Are you interested in the causes of burning issues such as climate change, financial crises, migration, social activism and how they influence people's lives? Do you want to plan your own project and conduct fieldwork in an unfamiliar setting, at home or abroad? If so, the master’s programme in Social Anthropology is the right choice for you.

What is Social Anthropology?

Social Anthropology is a discipline that studies contemporary social issues through empirically grounded studies of people’s lives. Through this two-year master’s programme, you learn how anthropologists have developed theoretical and methodological tools for conducting such studies, and you learn to apply these yourself.

This study is a unique opportunity to do your own fieldwork aligned with your interests. You will design your own research project, carry out ethnographic fieldwork in a place and on a topic of your choice, and write up a master’s thesis based on your own fieldwork data.

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

Mastergrad (120 studiepoeng)

Universitetet i Oslo

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Universitetet i Oslo, UiO, ble grunnlagt i 1811 og er Norges største og mest tradisjonsrike institusjon for høyere utdanning. Skolen har ca. 30 000 studenter og 7000 ansatte.

UiO har åtte fakulteter, som alle tilbyr både enkeltemner, årsenheter, bachelorprogrammer, masterprogrammer og ph.d-programmer/doktorgrader.

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