MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance

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MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance

NHH’s Executive MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance is a two-year part-time master programme. You will learn how to understand the challenges and opportunities created by the fintech revolution. The goal is how to translate this knowledge into better decisions.

In 1994, Bill Gates said that banking services are essential, while banks are not. Now, over two decades later, the prophecy implicit in Gates’ quote is materializing. Today, technological advancements enable any firm to add financial services to their business model. The result? Firms from within and outside of traditional finance are riding an innovation tide. New business models, products and services appear at a steady rate. Market boundaries are blurring. And competition intensifies. Tomorrow, adding financial services to a non-finance business model might seem as uncontroversial as having a website today. And the competitive landscape of today might sooner than later seem like a distant memory.

The Fintech EMBA gives you the knowledge and tools to maneuver the fintech revolution. You will learn how to understand the implications of key technology-related changes seen today, and the changes we are likely to see in the future. You will master the tools you need to translate this understanding into better decisions. Decisions that will increase the likelihood of your firm's success. The program follows a problem-based structure. The vantage point of each semester, and each gathering, is a set of questions. These are the questions that managers face (or are likely to face) during technological transitions. These questions inform and guide the choice of content according to which technology-related change we focus on and the academic insights we bring in. They also determine which practitioners we invite as guest speakers. The result is a unique interdisciplinary programme with high practical relevance.

You will learn state-of-the-art insights from fields such as Finance, Strategy, Technology management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economics, Management Control, Data Analytics, Management and Leadership. Your new knowledge will enable you to better tackle the key questions managers are struggling with today. Are you curious about the strategic consequences of platform business models, new forms of financing, open banking, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, PSD2, business model innovations and much much more? Then this might be the program for you. Are you also eager to learn the tools and theories that will enable you to act on the opportunities-, and handle the challenges from these changes? Then you have come to the right place.

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