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Master in Global Journalism

NLA Høgskolen
2 år

Master in Global Journalism

Global issues today are part of the everyday news picture. You cannot practice journalism without being aware of what is going on in the global world. If you are interested in journalism and care about global issues, the master’s program in Global Journalism at NLA Un is something you should consider applying for. About the program The master’s program in Global Journalism started in 2015 and we have students from many parts of the world: Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda, Norway, and Bangladesh among others. The program is relevant for everyone interested in journalism and global issues.

What do you learn?You will study megatrends in the global media landscape and journalism in different parts of the world. Freedom of expression is a relevant topic and you will investigate how media are affected by globalization. You will learn about new media technology and what it does to communication around the world. Where can you work?If you are a journalist or a communication worker in an internationally oriented organization, or if you have a position where knowledge of journalism and media is important, for example in political science and the cultural industry, the master in Global Journalism can provide you with relevant competence about global issues. You can also teach journalism and media studies on different levels in upper secondary school and in higher education. Course structure The program is organized as a two-year program with two semesters each year.

The first semester consists of mandatory courses in Kristiansand, Norway. The second semester is an optional study abroad semester, which you alternatively can spend in Norway. The third and fourth semesters are reserved for the master’s thesis, including preparation and fieldwork. Mobility In the second semester, you have the opportunity to study at a partner institution in South Africa, Kenya or Hong Kong. The three institutions with organized exchange agreements for the program are the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa (UKZN), United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya (USIU) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Programme description

NLA Høgskolen

NLA Høgskolen

NLA Høgskolen er en offentlig godkjent privat høgskole med et bredt studietilbud i Bergen, Oslo og Kristiansand. NLA har et kristent verdigrunnlag.

På NLA finner du et studietilbud som omfatter Lærerutdanning, Pedagogikk, Teologi, religion og filosofi, Interkulturelle studier, Journalistikk, medier og kommunikasjon, Musikk, Økonomi og administrasjon og Idrett.

De tre studiestedene ved NLA Høgskolen er:

  • NLA Høgskolen Bergen
  • NLA Høgskolen Staffeldtsgate
  • NLA Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen
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