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Intercultural studies - Master

NLA Høgskolen
2 år, 120 studiepoeng
Master, 2 år
Oppstart: Høst - Bergen

Intercultural studies - Master

Master in intercultural studies

Apply hereIn a time of intensified globalization and increased migration, cultural diversity increases in most levels of society and is experienced nearly everywhere. At the master’s program in Intercultural Studies in Bergen, Norway, you will study intercultural communication, and cultural and social factors influencing intercultural relations. The objective is to enable you understand, describe, analyze and manage cultural diversity in different contexts of theory and practice.

About the program

The program will raise awareness of cultural analytical and ethical perspectives on life in diverse, multi-ethnic and complex societies focusing on conditions and consequences of inclusion and exclusion, identity formation, human dignity, and religion. It will deal with South-North relations and effects of globalization on local communities. There will be particular attention to the roles religion play in identity and value formation, in conflicts and peacemaking and the impacts of religious pluralism in civic life. Intercultural Studies are not conforming to a particular religion. The theoretical foundations are based on socio-cultural anthropology, religious studies, and intercultural communication.


To be admitted to the Master´s programme in Intercultural Studies you must have:

  • Completed a bachelor´s degree or a cand. mag. Degree (first cycle degree which was awarded in Norway until 2005), with at least 80 ECTS credits in Intercultural Studies or equivalent specialisation, and with an average grade of C or better in this field of study, according to the European ECTS grading scale (A-F). Optional courses may have additional requirements. Certificates from countries using another grading scale will be assessed individually.

Equivalent specialization are studies with

- Learning outcomes and curriculum on cultural theories and descriptive cultural analysis at an international level (e.g social/cultural anthropology, ethnology, cultural studies) with at least 50 % of the 80 ECTS credits including  multicultural/intercultural empirical settings, such as ethnic and religious minority perspectives, transnational migration, and/or local appropriation and effects of  globalization and;

- competence in qualitative methods with equivalent of at least 5 ECTS credits and a minor thesis (min 4000 words) based on empirical data.

  • In order to qualify you need to achieve a minimum score of 500 points on the Paper Based Test or 170 (computer-based) TOEFL test, or a minimum score of 5.0 from the IELTS (academic) test. 

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

Master's Degree (120 ECTS)

NLA Høgskolen

NLA Høgskolen

NLA Høgskolen er en offentlig godkjent privat høgskole med et bredt studietilbud i Bergen, Oslo og Kristiansand. NLA har et kristent verdigrunnlag.

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