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Foundation Program Tech

MODUL University
Universitet og høgskole
Nettstudier, Wien
1 Semester
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6 400 EUR Momsfritt

Foundation Program Tech

Do you want to study Data Science, IT or Programming?

This specifically designed foundation program is a pre-requisite for the BSc in Applied Data Science at MU Vienna or other data science study programs across Europe. This program can of course also be used by students who may also not have experienced an introduction into data science or programming, despite feeling a connection to the subject. Topics covered in the semester program include Business Communication, Mathematics, Calculus and Basics in Computer Programming.

Your semester at MU

Program Organization:

Courses will be conducted on the Kahlenberg campus in Vienna and online. You can choose to attend all courses live online in Central European Time (CET) if you can not make it to Vienna. Sessions are organized from Monday to Friday following the academic year.

Application and Admissions:
If you have successfully completed high school and have proof of English proficiency, feel free to reach out to our Team and schedule a video call for an interview.

English Proficiency:
Please send us the result of your English proficiency test. We accept these test scores:
Ask our team for advice if you have other equivalent test results or if your mothertounge is English.

Educational Methods and Approach:

During your semester at MU Vienna you will be able to experience an Austrian campus and learn from an international teaching staff. With attending classes you will listen to lecturers, participate in seminars and work on small programming projects. You will learn the basics of Computer Science and Programming. In order to achieve your certificate at the end of the semester you are expected to pass quizzes and present small projects.

Your courses in the Foundation Program Tech:

  • Basics in Computer Programming
  • Calculus
  • Business Communication
  • Mathematics


For kontakt eller mer informasjon om Foundation Program Tech, vennligst fyll inn en interessemelding.

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What to do after Foundation Tech?

If you master the Foundation Program Tech and receive the final certificate you are enabled to start the BSc program in Applied Data Science at Modul University Vienna without going through the full Admissions process.
Students that want to study at a different school or university may benefit from the knowledge gained at MU, Austria's leading international private university.

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MODUL University

Modul University - Vienna

Modul University Vienna is known as Austria's leading international private university in the heart of Europe. MU Vienna offers well proven study programs for Bachelor, Master, MBA and PhD levels.

The international campus is English speaking, home to highly driven students from more than 80 different nations and nurtures a diverse study environment. All our programs are business related and evidence successful teaching methods with high employability rates after graduation. Traditionally MU Vienna offers specializations for the tourism and hospitality industry, but has established an outstanding reputation in courses related to sustainable decision making.

Expand your horizon and join the MU community in one of the greatest city's in the world.

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Kontaktinformasjon til MODUL University

MODUL University

Am Kahlenberg 1

Tlf: 0043 1 320 3555-0

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