Music Business

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Music Business

Music business 

This program gives you a rock-solid foundation enabling you to forge a meaningful and successful career in the international music industry.

Note that the education is in English. This means that you will be equipped to work in an international industry rich in opportunities.

About the education

Throughout this course you will learn about the main branches of the Nordics and global music industries and how each of these branches are interconnected.

Theoretical teaching is combined with “up-to-the-minute” practical assignments, as well as the operation of student-run independent record labels. The interaction with the music industry is week-to-week where you will meet veterans with many years of experience, plus those people who have begun to carve a career for themselves, showing you the supply chain at every level thus giving you the tools you need to achieve success.

What will you learn?

The program offers practically targeted teaching in an industry-wide learning environment. Divided into eight different themes, the focus is on record companies, music publishing, artist management, entrepreneurship, music industry contract law and agreements, promotion, booking, planning small to large scale tours and the creation of bespoke events.

You will focus on topics that include:

  • Record Labels
  • Music Publishing
  • Artist Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music Industry Contracts and Agreements
  • Promotion, Public Relations (P.R.), & Marketing
  • Tour planning & bespoke events

A practically orientented education

You will also set up and run their own independent record labels, with guidance from industry professionals throughout the theme "Applied Working Practice" which runs for the entire program. This element serves to underpin the theoretical teaching of the core themes.

The course, through practical approach and understanding of the interaction between the various branches in the music industry, places special emphasis on developing skills that will shape you into the music industry practitioner of tomorrow.

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Videre studier/jobbmuligheter

This is a study with many exciting career opportunities. After completing education, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to work within areas such as:

  • Record Companies
  • Music Publishing
  • Booking and Event Agencies
  • Artists Management
  • Tour management
  • Public Relations

The program is also suitable for those who want to build on a vocational school or bachelor's degree in various music studies, or within project management, PR, marketing, digital content creation as well as wider disciplines such as law.


For å bli tatt opp som student på fagskolestudier må du oppfylle ett av følgende opptakskrav:

  • Generell studiekompetanse
  • Fullført og bestått videregående opplæring
  • Fagbrev/svennebrev


Realkompetanse for fagskole:

  • Minimum 23 år i løpet av opptaksåret
  • Dokumentere 3 års fulltids arbeidserfaring, herunder regnes lønnet/ulønnet arbeid, verneplikt, folkehøyskole og frivillig arbeid/tjeneste
  • Arbeidsattester må inneholde start og sluttdato samt stillingsprosent/timeantall
  • Dokumentere engelskkunnskaper fra videregående skole, TOEFL, eller IELTS

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

60 ECTS.


Contact the school for information about costs. 

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