Bachelorstudium i scenografi

Høgskolen i Østfold
3 år

Bachelorstudium i scenografi

Students explore, question and substantiate the intersections of art and society with internationally practicing guest artists.

The key values informing the education rely on listening with all your senses, collaboration, staying and progressing with failure, acquiring knowledge of material and re-imagining their relations, excavation and play as methods.

The three year BA programmes in both Scenography and Acting work closely together, within their respective fields or as joint classes.

All teaching at NTA is in English.

The bachelor programme in scenography includes subjects as perception and creation of space, composition, light, sound and video design, technical drawing and digital work tools, costume design, exploration and understanding of material and construction, engaging the public space, project planning, theory and history of theatre, architecture and scenography.

You will be trained to work independently on your own scenographic creation which always maintains a dialogue with external factors and on productions staged by directors, choreographers or other performing artists, as well as in connection with curators and professionals within the field of exhibition and the public environment.

The constant practicing of skills and exploration of methods are mainly ensured by artists associated with the University College. Laboratories and productions are usually led by Norwegian and international artists and other relevant experts from an expanded field of theatre, architecture and scenography.

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Høgskolen i Østfold

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