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BI–Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing

Handelshøyskolen BI
Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim
2 åe
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BI–Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing

Do you want to be prepared for the international job market? Our joint programme is taught in two different locations to provide a unique multicultural experience, and you will benefit from the knowledge, perspectives and research-based training shared by two internationally acclaimed business schools. The programme also provides you with a unique opportunity to study marketing from a strategic perspective, while at the same time specialising in the analytics and metrics areas of the field. It covers all major topics within the field of marketing, from statistical methods, digitalisation and how culture influences consumer behaviour. The first year of the programme will be located in the urban and modern city of Oslo. For the second year, you and your classmates will complete your studies in the historical and cultural city of Rome. 
The nature and curricula of the BI-Luiss joint programme will also teach you to appreciate and benefit from the cultural differences you will meet in an increasingly international workplace. You will be able to evaluate decisions in light of conflicting interests and consider different stakeholders’ influence on the organisation. Your combination of expertise in marketing and the ability to work in diverse environments will be highly sought after. Your skills will be relevant for a wide range of positions in marketing-oriented organisations focused on building and delivering value to customers. 
Located in the eternal city of Rome, Luiss is an international university specialised in the fields of social sciences, providing a diverse learning environment based on entrepreneurship, responsibility, and sustainability. Since its founding, Luiss has developed privileged relationships with the business community, government institutions and civil society. The Luiss educational model combines academic rigor with practical relevance. Its main features are:

Research: Luiss faculty members are experts in their fields, actively engaged in their research communities as well as in the professional and management communities.
Experience-based: Luiss relies upon a highly selected pool of top executives, chartered consultants and diplomats to discuss topics in class.
Problem-driven: Luiss programmes require students to engage in projects and research, in which they are expected to develop solutions to real-world problems.

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Handelshøyskolen BI

Handelshøyskolen BI

BI er Norges eneste trippel-akkrediterte handelshøyskole. Et vitnemål fra BI gir deg derfor tyngden du trenger til å jobbe med det du vil.

I dagens arbeidsmarked er det mange om beinet. Arbeidsgiverne vil ha de beste kandidatene fra de beste skolene. Derfor er det viktig å velge en utdannelse som har tyngden du trenger. BI tilbyr:

  • Utdanning som er relevant for dagens arbeidsmarked
  • Svært sterkt fagmiljø med trippel internasjonal akkreditering
  • Anerkjente forelesere
  • Et mangfoldig campusmiljø med fantastiske tilbud og muligheter
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Handelshøyskolen BI

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