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BI–Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing

Handelshøyskolen BI
2 år, 120 studiepoeng
Master, 2 år
Oppstart: August - Oslo

Om utdanningen

BI–Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing

Earn two individual master degrees in Marketing while studying at BI in Oslo for one year, followed by one year at Luiss University in Rome.

The joint programme is taught in two different locations to provide a unique multicultural experience, and you will benefit from the knowledge, perspectives and research-based training shared by two internationally acclaimed business schools. The programme also provides you with a unique opportunity to study marketing from a management perspective, while at the same time specialising in the analytics and metrics areas of the field. It covers all major topics within the field of marketing, from statistical methods, digitalisation and how culture influences consumer behaviour.



1.1 Undergraduate Degree 
A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits/equivalent of at least 3 years ) in the field of:

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences (including courses in Marketing and Economics)

1.2 The Bachelor's degree must include the following courses, or equivalent:

  • Foundations in Marketing
  • Foundations in Economics (Micro or Macro)
  • Statistics or Econometrics*

*Based on an overall assessment, an applicant may receive a conditional offer of admission if this course is lacking in the Bachelor’s degree. The applicant will be required to take a course in Statistics before the start of the academic year to fulfil this condition. BI Norwegian Business School offers a preparatory course in Statistics in July/August each year.


2.1 In addition to the admission requirements for all MSc degree programmes, applicants require a minimum grade of C in courses of particular relevance to the BI-Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing programme primarily Marketing, Statistics, and Economics.

2.2 Grade Point Average: The minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement is 3.50 (B) on an ECTS scale.


3.1 GMAT or GRE: Applicants must submit results for one of the tests below and achieve the minimum scores indicated:

  • GMAT: 600
  • GRE: 158 (Quantitative). There is no minimum requirement for the verbal reasoning score, but the higher the score the better it is for your application.

Applicants may request a waiver for the GMAT requirement. In addition to the generalBI waiver rules, the following categories qualify for a GMAT waiver for the BI-Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing programme:

  • Students with a relevant Bachelor’s degree from an Italian post-secondary institution
  • Students with a Bachelor's degree from one of Luiss’s partner schools or BI’s partner schools

GMAT Institution Code: 0529
GRE Institution Code: 7365

3.2 Language tests: TOEFL or IELTS Academic
: English language proficiency, certified by one of the following:

  • TOEFL: minimum 90
  • IELTS Academic: minimum 6.5

Applicants may request a waiver for the English language proficiency requirement. In addition to the generalBI waiver rules, the following categories qualify for an English Language proficiency test waiver for the BI-Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing programme:

  • Graduates who have two years or more of higher education where the language of instruction was English
  • Graduates from a country which is a member of the EU/EEA and/or the Council of Europe/UNESCO-Cepes and have English as the first foreign language taken over a period of at least 7 years in primary school, secondary school and upper secondary education

No GMAT/GRE or IELTS/TOEFL exemption is automatic. To request a waiver of the requirements, the applicant must submit a waiver application. Deviations from the general exemptions may occur as it is the prerogative of the Associate Dean to grant or decline the exemption.

TOEFL Institution Code: 0529
IELTS copies are accepted if the TRF number is visible

Grades are posted using the ECTS scale.

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

Master of Science in Marketing. 120 ECTS.

Handelshøyskolen BI

Handelshøyskolen BI

BI er Norges eneste trippel-akkrediterte handelshøyskole. Et vitnemål fra BI gir deg derfor tyngden du trenger til å jobbe med det du vil.

I dagens arbeidsmarked er det mange om beinet. Arbeidsgiverne vil ha de beste kandidatene fra de beste skolene. Derfor er det viktig å velge en utdannelse som har tyngden du trenger. BI tilbyr:

  • Utdanning som er relevant for dagens arbeidsmarked
  • Svært sterkt fagmiljø med trippel internasjonal akkreditering
  • Anerkjente forelesere
  • Et mangfoldig campusmiljø med fantastiske tilbud og muligheter
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