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Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bond University
2 år
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Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences - bond university

Bachelor of Health Sciences

The Bond University Bachelor of Health Sciences is a 2-year accelerated degree designed for students who wish to explore a variety of disciplines in the health sciences, as well as providing a pathway to postgraduate specialized study. During this program, you will gain an understanding of basic and applied sciences including the anatomical, molecular, physiological and psychological processes of human health and function.

Health science career opportuntiies

The Bachelor of Health Sciences will equip you with a strong foundational understanding of the health sciences. Graduates of this degree may seek employment in a range of careers in Australia and around the world that may include:

  • Health promotion
  • Community health
  • Health education
  • Health officer
  • Health administration
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Clinical trials or drug registration
  • Intellectual property
  • Scientific publishing
  • Pathways to study other health professions
  • Pathways to study other professions including education and business

The Bachelor of Health Sciences will provide you with variety of career opportunities as well as an accelerated undergraduate pathway to graduate-entry studies in registered health professions such as occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, as well as broader public health programs and the education sector.


Upper Secondary Certificate – Vitnemål fra videregående skole.

Minimum grade point average of 3.5 (6 is the highest). Must satisfy requirements for admissions to universities in Norway (oppnådd generell studiekompetanse).

Studiefakta, Tittel m.m

Bachelor of Health Sciences


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Bond University

bond university

Why Bond? Because things are done differently.

Right now, this moment, the world is changing. Big changes, small changes, climate changes, gear changes… The future belongs to those that are making history now, the fast thinkers acting on their feet now, and the innovators blazing new trails now. With so much happening in the world, why wouldn’t you learn from right now?

The way students learn at Bond University means you’ll never be left behind. You’ll experience things at Bond that will push you forward. At Bond University, you'll learn how to learn in the now. Bond believes in challenging, volunteering, practising and collaborating. Right now, you could learn from everyone and everything from a university that values the present.

As Australia’s first private non-profit university, Bond University seeks to be recognized as an international leader amongst independent universities; one that is imbued with a spirit to innovate, a commitment to influence and dedication to inspire tomorrow’s professionals.

What you'll get

From a student perspective, Bond University stands alone. The reason why? Well, actually there are three of them, all which contribute to making your university experience truly exceptional.

Finish your degree sooner.

At Bond, you won’t be losing time with long breaks between semesters. Bond runs three full semesters a year, with intakes in January, May and September. This means for certain programs you can complete 12-subject master’s in just a year. It also means you don’t have to wait until next February or July to get started on your degree. If you’re ready to get your future underway, the next intake is just around the corner.

Leading academics, strong mentors.

Bond’s personalized teaching philosophy means you will learn in smaller class sizes with unprecedented one-on-one access to your professors. Even outside class time, academics have an open door policy that means they will not only know you by name, they’ll actively mentor your progress.

Well-prepared graduates.

At Bond, education goes beyond the classroom. Part of Bond's unique approach is to help you develop a strong foundation of leadership attributes that will prepare you for success and rapid career progression. This is why our graduates are the first choice for many employers. They are immediately distinguishable in the workplace for their confidence, maturity, global awareness, communication skills and leadership qualities. Bond sets you up to succeed.

Alumni & partners

Bond University has a large alumni who work together to support new and past students. In addition, the university has a number of partners who contribute to events, initiatives and form a part of  the large community that is Bond Alumni. These partners help support and promote Bond University to their communities. The collaboration with these partners provides students with even more opportunities than before.

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Bond University

14 University Drive
4226 Robina, Queensland

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