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Certificate in International Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism at the local, state, national, and international levels are vital to the health of the worldwide economy as well as that of the hospitality industry. Indeed, tourism is big business and continues to grow worldwide. The economic and social impacts of tourism are significant, and we discuss both of these dimensions in this course.

To begin with, we look at hotel as a set of products and services that have evolved out of guest needs and preferences. We begin with the evolution of hotel to fit transportation and destination patterns and individual guest preferences. We then delineate different types of hotel properties, discussing the distinguishing characteristics of each. Different market segments are explained in relation to their demographics and subsequently their needs and expectations when traveling. The tremendous impact of technology is discussed from the perspective of changing guest expectations and from the standpoint of how technology has changed major facets of hotel operations.

The most important aspect of the hotel industry, service, is explored with a discussion of hotel rating criteria through organizations such as American Automobile Association (AAA) and directories such as the World Hotel Ratings.

Travel destinations, whether natural or created, are the magnets that set the whole process of tourism in motion. In this course, we look at the motivations of travelers as well as the nature of mass-market travel destinations. Many of these destinations are, to all intents and purposes a part of the hospitality industry and offer attractive career prospects for students. We then familiarize you with the economic and operating characteristics of destinations to round out your understanding of tourism.

Presented in easy to navigate electronic modules.

Set out in a series of 3 focused modules, this course is designed to provide the students with in-depth insight into the practice of International Travel & Tourism

With topics ranging from Meeting Guest Needs, the History of the Travel Industry, Factors affecting and contributing to Travel to Themed Cities, Parks and International Attractions, Air Travel and Demographics – 2 Weeks of part time or 1 ½ Weeks of full-time study will provide an excellent base to kick start a career.

NOTE! English is the worldwide standard language in Tourism and therefore this course is presented in English, along with a detailed English / Swedish Industry terms dictionary.


  • You start your training whenever you want
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You'll get recorded lectures in our course portal where you meet our lecturers with different specialised areas. You'll see short movies with our lecturers presenting themselves and their subjects, and with some screen-recorded lectures in PowerPoint.

The lecture material itself also has access to the course portal when it is time to perform exercise and submission tasks that are submitted for review by our staff, which will then provide feedback to you. You can also check your level of knowledge by responding to diagnostic tests.

In the course portal, there is a Forum where you can discuss and ask other course participants and teachers about the course content. During the course period, you will be in contact with the instructor if you encounter questions or problems, and when you receive feedback on your submission details. Interactivity by chat, mail and phone. Continuous training and submission information is available in the course material so that you can verify on an ongoing basis that you have properly discharged the material.

You'll read the training in our course portal whenever you want. There are screen-played lectures, still images from lectures, exercise details and submission details. You do everything in the course portal, including the examination work.

Course content

Lodging – Meeting Guest Needs

  • The Evolution of Hotels
  • The History of Hotels - The Evolution of the Motel
  • Classifications of Hotel Properties
  • Hotels Classified by Price - Hotels Classified by Function  
  • Hotels Classified by Location
  • Hotels Classified by Market Segment
  • Other Hotel Classifications
  • Types of Travelers
  • Business Travelers - Other Segments
  • International Travelers
  • Anticipating Guest Needs in Providing Hospitality Service
  • Service, Service, Service
  • Employees as the Internal Customers

Tourism: Front & Center

  • The Importance of Tourism
  • Factors Affecting Travel and Tourism Income Trends - Demographics            
  • Travel Trends
  • Mode of Travel - Trip Duration
  • The Economic Significance of Tourism
  • Tourism and Employment - Publicity as an Economic Benefit
  • The United States as an International Tourist Attraction
  • Measuring the Volume - Reasons for Growth of the United States as a Destination
  • Businesses Serving the Traveller
  • Passenger Transportation - Channels of Distribution - Reservation Networks
  • Noneconomic Effects of Tourism
  • Crowding - Favourable Noneconomic Effects
  • The World After COVID 19 – Effects on Tourism

Destinations: Tourism Generators

  • Motives and Destinations
  • Mass-Market Tourism
  • Planned Play Environments
  • Theme Parks - Themes Scale - Regional Theme Parks Themes and Cities
  • Employment and Training Opportunities - Casinos and Gaming
  • Las Vegas - Atlantic City - Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • Other Markets - Casino Markets and the Business of Casinos - Casino Staffing
  • Urban Entertainment Centres
  • Shopping Centers - Zoos, Sanctuaries, and Aquariums
  • Temporary Attractions: Fairs and Festivals
  • Natural Environments On a Lighter Note

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The course fee is NOK 17500 including VAT. Payment in advance against invoice for each syllabus of NOK 5836 including VAT or the full training against an invoice. Payment of 12 months possibly of NOK 1667. You must have completed the training before you can get your certificate.

The course fee includes:

-Training material in the course portal through screen recordings

-Exercise tasks

-Submission data

-Examination samples

-Continuous support via mail and telephone and professional guidance -Issuing and sending of diplomas

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