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Selfemployed - BSc in Digital Media and Design

Hvem: Louise Skjoldborg Lessél

Hva: Digitale medier og design

Hvor: IT Universitetet i København

Louise tog en bachelor i digitale medier og design


Louise. I am 25 and originally from the village Skævinge near Hillerød in North Zealand. Now I live in Frederiksberg in a great apartment with a built-in sound studio where I enjoy dabbling in music in my spare time.


Digital Media and Design is very broad and offers many potential directions, so when I graduated I took an internship with Kontrapunkt, which is one of Scandinavia's most recognised branding and design agencies, to learn more about branding. After that I got an internship with ENKonference where I created a new filing system to better support the business' procedures, and then I volunteered as main organiser for Denmark's biggest festival for Japanese popular culture, J-Popcon. For the last two years I've worked at, but now I've quit my job to embark on my next adventure. What exactly that will be time will tell, but I am doing concept development on two new business ideas focusing on experiences and community building with branding as an essential aspect, and I know that in that work I will need both interviews, participatory design, observation and many more of the things I learned at ITU to bring my ideas to life.


I use quite a few of the tools I acquired at ITU every day - both at work and in my own projects. When I was at ITU I found it rather annoying that the programme was so versatile, because it was difficult to create a deep focus and an actual expertise. You're a "jack of all trades" when you graduate and it can be really difficult to explain to people what your degree is about. I've tried to come up with explanations like "half designer and half communications professional with a twist of anthropology", but now I see the versatility as one of the greatest strengths. And it's up to me to choose where I want to acquire my expertise and follow that path. I am very interested in developing and studying experiences. All my projects have this focus in some form and that focus has brought me where I am today.


I chose Digital Media and Design because it looked really interesting and because it didn't require an existing portfolio to get in, as it does in e.g. the design school. I haven't studied at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) or worked with website design for years like some of my fellow students had - I've just always been very creative and been good at facilitating creativity in other. Especially the role as facilitator was developed at ITU and that is probably one of the things I use the most in my everyday work now.

"Consider which subjects are actually interesting to you and why you find them interesting. If you know what really interests you, don't be afraid to pursue it. Aim all your projects in that direction so you are always working with that specific concept or field. You can do that at ITU and it's great!" - Louise's best advice

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