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Medical Doctors International Studies

A word from the Headteacher

As the head teacher for the premedical course Dr. Moshe Cohen has demonstrated an incredible initiative and a strong dedication with his enthusiasm inspired me to be more motivated during my studies. As a teacher Dr Moshe Cohen worked with me and other students to build authentic atmosphere during the studies. With Dr Moshe Cohen's interest to help me and the student, efforts has created an enjoyable and productive team.

I believe that the premedical course has qualities that are essential to further medical studies for people that really want to become a physician. To study premedical course has made me to get many opportunities to apply to different medicine faculties. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Moshe Cohen because the Confidence that he gave me. Dr Moshe's advices and encouraging attitude has been a great help to me for my further studies.

Thank you Dr Moshe Cohen for everything because you made my strongest desire in my life become true.

/Damla Kinali

"The perfect balance"

Filip Mollberg have completed the pre-medical course in Stockholm by dr. Moshe Cohen. It has been four months of sheer joy, and with the knowledge obtained I feel fully prepared for medical school, regardless of where I decide to study. Even though I’ve previously studied natural science in the Swedish high school, this pre-medical course have provided following: Translation of Swedish natural science terms into English, a sum up of all the relevant material from the Swedish natural science program in a way that makes it easy to learn and memorize, new and extended material that is absolutely necessary for many of the entrance exams abroad, an insight of what is to be expected from medical school, material that will provide easier transfer to medical studies and lower the drop-out and failure rate of fresh medical students, full-hearted help with anything one might find hard to understand, etc.

The level of tuition has been well altered to fit every students needs. From very basic material to an advanced level of information from later years of medical school, just so that everyone will stay excited, interested and learn in the best available way. The demands of the course have had higher intensity than the high school level I’ve previously experienced, and I do not anymore feel frightened to a fairly load of study material.   

For me, the atmosphere in the course has swayed me to stay focused and interested throughout the course. The perfect balance of joy, kindness, chare of interest amongst students, amazing level of patience from the teachers and the feeling of equality between the teachers and the students have provided the optimum conditions for learning.

Without this course it would have been hard and taken me a long time to get the appropriate amount of knowledge to succeed in the entrance exams the way I’ve done with Charles University of Czech Republic and Zagreb University of Croatia. I do now as well feel that I am fully equipped to face medical school anywhere I choose to go, and I believe that this course have provided me with everything I need for a smooth transfer into medical school.

/Filip Mollberg

"The level of tuition is very high"

I am privileged to write a recommendation for the Pre-medical course held by Dr. Moshe Cohen. I took the first Premedical course held in Stockholm and witnessed the Dr. tremendous teaching skills. They made everything even more interesting and taught us to be more confidence in our self's in maturity and character as well. 

When I entered the course I had very little knowledge in chemistry but soon, I learned the valuable traits, and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the teachers and study groups. The level of tuition is very high witch I was very satisfied with because it prepares you for the Universities.
Working in groups under strict deadlines, and to recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and intellectual integrity is what medical school is all about and apart from the material this is what they encourage you as a student.  

Their patience and ambition in preparing you the best way they can as a student is amazing.
I recommend the Pre- med with absolute confidence.



"A very good base for future medical studies"

This spring I have studied a course that prepares for future studies in medicine. During the course we have learned more about; biology, chemistry, anatomy, and also physics. These subjects have then been related to different medical topics. The lessons have been intense, with a lot of information to take in. This will definitely be a very good base for future medical studies.

To raise the level of study we have had oral presentations in front of our classmates, about different subjects that we have read. This has been good for two major reasons. The first is that it gives an extra motivation to study the given subject, and the other reason is that the students listening will get a repetition of a previous lesson.

The teachers are enthusiastic and incredibly committed to us students, and will do anything for us to pass our studies. I can honestly say that I have never before had teachers of this great quality. I have learned a lot during this course, and I know that I will have great use of this knowledge when I begin my medical studies this fall.

We also got help with applying to different universities, and that is great because it is difficult to know which university to apply to. They recommend and give advice, and also arrange so that professors from certain universities come to visit us with their entrance exams. They truly do anything to make sure that we students will do well, and that reason alone gives me an extra motivation to study and perform at my very best.

Finally, I emphasize that this course have been fantastic, though sometimes tough. Thanks to the Pre-Medical studies I was accepted to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and to the Medical University in Zagreb, Croatia. This is definitely among the best things I have ever done in my life.

/Ulrika Weitoft

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